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10 Surprisingly Useful Apartment Products

Apartment dwellers know that regardless of the square footage of a rental home, it always helps to minimalize, compromise, and strategize in order to maximize space – but it takes a real pro to be able to do it without sacrificing style. Or does it?

In this day and age, there are so many products, gadgets, appliances, and tools available for us to stretch our space while staying en vogue with the decorating trends of today that you don’t have to be a pro. Following are ten of our favorite space-saving, glam products for tenants of the finest apartments:

  1. The Couch Arm Wrap is an awesome gadget that eliminates the need for you to give up floor space just to be able to set your drink on a table. This neat little accent piece slips right over the arm of your couch, giving you that all-necessary table space without the actual table.


  2. Sliding shelves, baskets, and dividers for cabinets is something that everyone can benefit from, whether they live in quaint Anaheim, California apartments or a giant single-family home. How often have you lost food to its expiration date because it gradually was pushed back to the depths of the cabinet and forgotten about, never to be seen for months (or years)? These sliding units will make it easy to always keep everything in your cabinets, pantry, and cupboards well within view, avoiding the “forgotten food” issue.


  3. Have you ever seen a slide-away pantry? One look at the space-saving benefits of these and you’ll be determined not to rest until you’ve gotten one of your own. All you need is about six inches of space – say, next to your refrigerator – and you’ve got all the room you need for a slide-out pantry. Check out what we mean, along with super easy building instructions, here.


  4. Let’s face it – although an in-home washer and dryer are things everyone wants, not everyone has access to them. The Laundry Pod is an awesome – no, an amazing – little appliance that anyone without a washer and dryer right in their own apartment needs. It costs about $100, and will wash your clothes – from five to ten garments at once!


  5. Anyone with a healthy shoe overflow issue should strongly consider adding a shoe ottoman to their furniture repertoire. These ingenious little pieces of furniture provide all the functions of your everyday little cushioned foot stools with an added bonus – a lid that opens up to strategically arranged shoe pockets inside. Unlike the shoe caddies that hang off of doors, the shoe ottoman will keep your footwear truly out of sight.


  6. One of the oldest conundrums with people involves their jewelry – specifically, where to store pieces when they are not being worn, without taking up the entire dresser top surface. Thanks to a shadow box-type idea, with hinges and a painting, that issue disappears. All you need is this hidden jewelry holder behind a painting, and your jewels will no longer need to take up six jewelry boxes across your entire bureau.


  7. Although it would be great if every kitchen featured an under-the-cabinet knife drawer, most do not. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost! This elegant, space-saving element is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to clutter up their utensil drawers with large (and dangerously sharp) knives. Bonus: Using an under-the-cabinet knife drawer will also keep knives well out of reach of children.


  8. Entertaining guests will never be the same when you have a DIY shelf bar in your apartment! You pick the size, the shelving material, the lighting – and of course, the spirits that adorn those shelves, and you’ll have a totally unique and attractive bar to flatter your chic apartment. Find more information on this easy luxury idea here, thanks to Bob Vila.


  9. Even the most luxurious and lavish upscale apartments can have a smaller-than-desirable bathroom within; for those bathrooms, consider picking up a shower curtain with pockets. All those toiletries, facial towels, and cleansing novelties will be off your floor, off your sink, and out of the few (if any) tiny drawers you may have. Turn it to face into the shower or tub, and you eliminate the dozen bottles of shampoo and body wash hanging around.


  10. Trash bins, trash cans, and trash receptacles – no one wants those out in plain sight, regardless of the size of the apartment. The solution could be to keep trash cans under sinks or in pantries/closets/cabinets – however, it’s a bit of a nuisance. The ideal solution is a cabinet door wastebasket that hangs inside a cabinet – rendering it all but invisible, yet still very easy to reach. It also doesn’t take up the entire storage space in the cabinet, either!


With these and other products designed for everyone from the minimalist to the small studio dweller, space-saving can become a well-practiced ritual within Pasadena apartments – and you won’t have to sacrifice style to do so.

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