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Best Websites for Apartment Hunting

Where to Go Online When You’re Looking for a New Place to Live

Finding a new place to live isn’t always easy. Everyone has different priorities when they’re apartment hunting. Some prefer a fabulous array of amenities, while others would much rather find a location close to where they work. There are so many different places to turn to when you’re looking for a new apartment, but some websites can be better resources than others. Take a look at some of the best websites for apartment hunting.

  1. Mack Urban Communities

Designed for thoughtful living, Mack Urban Communities is here to simplify your apartment search. Their site lists some of the best and most notable communities in Washington, Oregon and Southern California. The property descriptions get straight to the point instead of trying to sell you amenities and features you don’t really need. The folks behind the site are trying to streamline the apartment hunting process by giving people access to the information they need most.


A go-to for many apartment hunters, this website casts a wide net when it comes to connecting people with available housing. The site is a great resource when it comes to finding information and vacancies, but it’s hard to get a sense of how it feels to live in one of these communities. You can quickly search for apartments in any part of the country but expect to do some digging. You’re bound to get a lot of results.

  1. Apartment Guide

This website is a great place to go if you want to quickly narrow your search for apartments. You can search for apartments based on price, certain luxuries, or even what kind of people live there. If you’re a college student, serving in the military, or a retiree, you can find apartments that match your lifestyle without having to enter a lot of specific information.

  1. Hot Pads

The first ever map-based apartment search website, Hot Pads tends to cater to a younger audience, but that doesn’t mean every apartment is going to be filled with a bunch of crazy college students. You can find lots of great options in primarily urban areas, and the prices tend to be much more affordable than some of the more commonly-used apartment search websites.

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