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Fun at the Pool – Classic Pool Games We Love

With summer just around the corner, it’s not to early to be thinking about the swimming pool and getting ready for fun and games in it! There are endless possibilities when it comes to keeping busy in the pool with something other than actual swimming, and we’ve compiled a fun list of some of the best games for the pool for swimmers of all ages and all skill levels:

  1. Underwater Hunting: This hunt is one of the great pool games of all time because it can be done in all depths of water and with just about anything that sinks. There are different toy sets that have been designed specifically for this game including diving rings, diving sticks, and others. The idea is that one person tosses the toys into the water at various areas and another tries to locate and grab the toys from the bottom of the pool. This is a good game because it can also be done with just one person. Whoever can grab the most toys in the least amount of time or all in one breath wins.
  2. Colored Ice: This game is especially entertaining for little ones; it involves a hot day and cold ice in various colors, so how perfect is that for hot summer fun? Get some water with food coloring in it and freeze into cubes. Gather them all up and head to the pool. As the cubes melt, kids will love the colors swirling and blending together!
  3. Underwater Photos: This awesome pool activity will have kids flipping out! Give them a waterproof camera and have them take turns while spinning, posing, flipping, and making silly faces. An added bonus is going to be all the great summer fun memories made and captured with that camera!
  4. Dolphin Races: Also sometimes called mermaid races or submarine races, kiddos hold their breath and see who can swim the longest and/or farthest underwater without taking a breath.
  5. Invisi-bottle: All you need is a clear 2-liter plastic bottle without the label on it. Get one with a white or blue cap (or one that matches the pool tiles or liner). Fill the bottle with pool water, and have the kids line up on the pool deck with their backs to the water. When they hear the splash, they can turn around and try to find the bottle. It’s harder than you might think!
  6. Popsicle: This is a popular game; it’s a variation of freeze tag in the water. The variation is that when someone is tagged, he or she stands straight with hands above the head like a popsicle. A player can go completely underwater, aka “submarining”, to avoid being tagged. While they are underwater, they can swim past a “popsicle” player and unfreeze him or her.
  7. Octopus: Octopus is another great game, and it’s like Red Rover. Players try to get from one side of the pool to the other side without being tagged. If they are tagged, they join the middle and hold hands, branching out to tag other players. Play goes until there is only one player left!

There are so many great summer pool games that it would be impossible to list them all here. Swimming is such a beneficial sport and during the hot summer months, it’ll cool you off and keep everyone entertained for hours – not to mention help them sleep very well that night!

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