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Maximize Space in Your Anaheim Apartment

Maximizing space is essential when you live in a small apartment. Anaheim apartments aren’t as big as they used to be. In some urban areas, apartments are getting smaller and smaller. Developers and designers seem determined to pack as many units into one building as possible. Anaheim, CA is no exception. Even if your apartment is decently sized, you can make the most out of the space by keeping your belongings organized. Use these living tips to make your apartment feel bigger than it actually is.

Use Sliding Doors

If you have the option, switch to sliding doors instead of traditional swinging doors. If someone leaves a door ajar, moving around the apartment can feel impossible. You might be in a rush only to knock the door into the adjacent bookshelf. Sliding doors simply roll back and forth, leaving the area around the doorway open and clear.

Turn Your Furniture Into Storage

A large storage container can double as a coffee table or as a window seat. You can attach some padding to the top to make the surface more comfortable. A chest works great as an impromptu coffee table. You can fill it with the items that you don’t use very often like seasonal gear and other bulky items. You can also find a bed with drawers on the bottom, so you can get rid of that cumbersome dresser you’ve been carrying around. Depending on how much furniture you have in your apartment, you can turn every seat into a storage container. Look for stools, chairs, and recliners with built-in storage.

Pull Down a Projection Screen Instead of a TV

In many Anaheim, California apartments, having a large entertainment center is simply not an option. While you can mount your television on the wall, having wall space to spare isn’t always guaranteed. You can easily replace your TV with a pull-down projection screen. You can even place the screen over your window and use it at night when there’s less light.

Create a Makeshift Closet

For many of us, a tiny closet isn’t enough. If you have a lot of extra clothes, you can hang a rack from the ceiling using a couple of sturdy chains or a piece of rope. You can position the rack in the corner of your bedroom for fast access to the things you wear on a regular basis.

Foldable Anything Is Always a Good Idea

You can fold almost anything these days. There are dozens of foldable tables on the market that hang on the wall. You can quickly drop down a small place to work or eat without taking up any floor space. A collapsible dining set will also come in handy if you need to entertain guests once in a while.

You can find a number of spacious apartments in Anaheim at Vivere Apartments. Make the most out of your living space and make a home at Vivere today!

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