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Moving Your Pets into a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Pets have a way of getting very comfortable with (and very protective of) their homes. Even though they are also often very curious, they usually do not appreciate moving to a new home and leaving behind everything they’ve come to know. Fortunately, there are some things owners can do for their beloved pet friends in order to make a move successful for everyone with as little stress as possible:

  1. It helps to start preparing for the transition long before moving day. If you’re moving to a luxury apartment in Anaheim, you’ll of course want to make sure that the community you’ve set your sights on allows pets. Many communities will welcome pets, but will also enforce breed and size restrictions, so be sure to check specific policies right away.
  2. If your pets are not accustomed to riding in a vehicle already, you’ll want to help them with this as soon as possible. If you’re moving locally, it will be simpler than moving across a long distance, of course. Start with short car rides for your pet, and pay attention to whether or not they may have a tendency to get overly nervous or carsick (consult your vet for help with treating these issues, if necessary).
  3. If necessary, be sure to find pet-friendly hotels along the roads you will be traveling during your move, if it will be a long-distance journey. Also, be sure to pack a travel bag for your pet, and include things like a favorite blanket, favorite toys, and even an old t-shirt that smells like you or another one of the pet’s favorite family members. Familiarity will be the key in making sure your pets stay as happy as possible during this time.
  4. If you’ll be traveling by airplane, be sure that your pet’s animal crate or carrier complies with airport and airline regulations. Try to get direct flights with no layovers, too, because it will be less stressful for your furry friend. Double check that your new address, your pet’s name, and your name and phone number are written clearly on a secure ID tag on both the crate and your pet’s collar tag.
  5. If you will be moving with a small animal such as a bird or hamster, you should keep it in its cage during the move, instead of transferring it to any type of a carrier. In addition, most animals like these will fare better if you cover the cage with a blanket during the actual moving.

Even though any type of move will add some stress to your pet’s life temporarily, when you take a few minutes to plan things well ahead of time, your pet will have a much better experience during the transition. Once you arrive at your new Anaheim apartment or home, with a little patience and positive attention, your pets will acclimate to the new surroundings and be just fine!

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