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Tips for Having Fun and Staying Safe at Your Apartment Pool

Making the Most of Your Apartment Pool

Life is so much better when you have access to a pool. If you live in an apartment and love to lounge in the community pool, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Most community pools do not have an active lifeguard on duty. That means that the residents are largely responsible for their own safety. Avoid the worst-case scenario and learn how to make the most of your time at the community pool.

Make Sure Everyone Knows the Rules

When you use the community pool, the property manager could be held liable if anything serious were to you or your guests. That’s why it’s so important for every community to establish some ground rules. You will normally see some rules and guidelines for what’s allowed at the pool near the opening gate or posted somewhere near the entrance. The community will probably list some common-sense items like no running, no alcohol, and no glass bottles, but there might be a few items that you weren’t expecting. If you’re hanging out with small children, take a moment to go over these rules so that everyone is on the same page before all the splashing begins.

Packing Essentials

Even if your apartment is just a short walk away from the community pool, you don’t want to spend your day running back and forth. Before you head out to the pool, take a moment to pack some essentials, including sunscreen with a high SPF, lots of water and other fluids, some snacks if you get hungry, and, of course, a towel. If you don’t bring everything you need to the pool when you first arrive, you might resist the idea of going back for something you truly need. Being prepared is the best way to maximize your time in the sun.

Stay in Touch with Your Apartment Maintenance Team

As a tenant that pays rent, you’re entitled to a clean, safe environment that everyone can enjoy. If you notice something that needs attention at your community pool, do the right thing and contact a staff member. If the pool needs a cleaning, don’t be afraid to step up and assert yourself.

Learn CPR

If there’s a lot of people enjoying the community pool, you might want to think about hosting a CPR class. If you’re anxious to learn CPR, you can always teach yourself, but chances are that there are other people in your community that would like to learn as well. Talk to your property manager and see if you can organize a CPR event with a licensed professional. Everyone will have peace of mind knowing that their neighbors are trained in the art of CPR.

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