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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home

Taking possession of any of the apartments for rent Orange County has to offer is often synonymous with bland décor – but that doesn’t mean it has to be! Even if you don’t own your own place, you still want it to feel customized and personalized to you. You want it to feel like home. Although you can’t really tear down walls or remodel your kitchen, there are some landlord-friendly changes you can make to ensure your apartment really feels like your home:

  1. Improve Your Lighting: Light fixtures are generally pretty easy to replace, but you MUST make sure you turn the electricity off before messing with anything like lighting. Remove the old fixture and locate the white (neutral), black (power), and green or bare (ground) wires; remove the wire nuts. Attach these wires to the new fixture with the wire nuts, and secure the new fixture to the wall or ceiling. That’s it! Just be sure to keep the original fixtures so you can put them back when you move out.
  2. Make the Most of Small Spaces: This is especially true with vertical space. Optimize all cabinet space by using shelves in cupboards – they can be found in various sizes and heights and only cost a few dollars each. Use furniture that does more than one job, like an ottoman that opens up to provide storage space or even a small kitchen island on wheels that has shelves underneath.
  3. Add Hanging Space: Bathrooms are notoriously small, and this holds true even more so with apartments for rent in Orange County, CA. Try adding a second shower curtain rod in the bathroom and hang portable baskets from it to hold everything from soaps to shampoos to toothpastes and face scrubs. You can also get a few suction mount hooks and stick them on the back of the bathroom door to hold baskets too.
  4. Deck the Walls: Although it’s true that you probably won’t be able to paint your walls, there are other rental-friendly ways to spruce them up. Try ordering some removable, rental-friendly wallpaper that you can put up and take down over and over. It can be found online and also at big box retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, and others.
  5. Handle It: Switch out the cheap, standard door knobs, handles, and pulls for more unique, modern ones. Once again, however, just like with the lighting, be sure that you save the original ones so that you can switch them back out again when you move out and take them with you. You can also do the same with faucets and shower heads to give your home a unique, personalized touch.

These are just a few ideas you can use to really spice up your home and make your apartment feel like it was built just for you. It’s so important that your apartment in Orange County reflects your personality, your style, and your taste so that you always feel like it’s a place for you to be yourself and enjoy the life you lead. At Vivere, we want you to make your apartment a home that reflects the most important part of it – YOU!

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