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Top 10 Closet Organizer Ideas

Closets are essential for anyone looking to save space or keep home organization in check. However, depending on the size of your space, you might be looking for some great ways to organize closet space for maximum efficiency. Following are some useful tips and simple closet ideas you can use to keep your space in top shape and organized:

  1. Keep the items you use the most often at eye level, items that are used less often down below, and those you use least of all up high in storage bins. This will not only help you retrieve things easily and quickly more often, but will also prevent unnecessary messes when doing so.
  2. Don’t assume you can only stick with hangers for items in your closet; use boxes for odds and ends, hangers for dresses, suits, and blouses/dress shirts, and then drawers or bins for folded items. This will enable you to use as much space as possible.
  3. Shoes don’t have to take up all the room on your floors and shelves in your closet; use cubbies, boxes, tiered shelves, and hanging organizers to keep them organized. You can stack dozens of pairs in a space that would normally only hold a few pairs.
  4. Use stackable laundry baskets for easy storage, easy access, and easy sorting. If you keep dirty laundry in them, you’ll also be able to use them to carry your loads to the washing machine easily.
  5. Open up more space in your closet by using other spaces more efficiently; for example, you can store out-of- season clothes under the bed in drawers or in special low-profile storage containers. You can use suitcases in other areas of the house to store seldom-used linens, sweaters, and blankets.
  6. You might want to consider a rolling cart that has coordinated boxes that can be rolled in and out of the closet for you to easily find things. You can use it for clothing, office supplies, and more.
  7. Use shoe boxes to store and organize things like undergarments, socks, and other smaller items. It will not only free up precious dresser drawer room, but will also keep your closets organized and useful.
  8. Turn your hangers backwards, and when you wear the item on the hanger, turn it forwards again. After 12 months, any hangers that are still backwards can be your signal to donate those clothes and free up more closet space.
  9. If you have a lovely (and large) collection of scarves, you can tie all of them around a hanger. With t-shirts and other items, roll them instead of folding them. You can keep the rolled-up items in drawers, suitcases, bins, and cubbies. When items are rolled instead of folded, they don’t take up as much space, and are easier to distinguish from others.
  10. Use holiday ornament storage boxes as organizers for socks and underwear. The room you’ll save will allow you to fit more items in your closet without falling prey to disorganized, ugly clutter.

Being creative and letting go of items you no longer use are the two most important and most effective ways to keep your closet space organized and of the most use to you. Don’t hang on to anything you don’t regularly wear, and be sure to put out-of- season items out of sight to free up more space for the in-season items. Use vertical space whenever possible, and you’ll have a fantastic closet space you’ll love!

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